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Another Endorsement at PinoyExchange

Indeed "by word of mouth" is the best advertisement. Most of my clients come to me by referral. Satisfied they would tell me to their friends and circle of friends.

Thank you to Amelia for recommending me at PinoyExchange. I was told by a client that he saw my contact info through PinoyExchange. Looking through the thread I came across this:

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Looking for an Authentic Fortune Teller

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The one at Robinsons Galleria is called "Da Seekers Cove" and I used to work there as one of their tarot readers, about two years ago. We do not call ourselves "fortune tellers" since we are not like the Quiapo manghuhulas. Our approach is using the cards as a form of counseling the client.

What I now offer, until Dec. 15 only: FREE intuitive consultation session with me, Amy Cavosora, may or may not involve tarot reading... could be Soul Cards instead... or whatever... maybe just color therapy? We could also just be talking away....

It's almost free because, instead of paying my usual Professional Fee, all you have to pay for is... the cost of a meal or snack, at Cafe Quezon in Sikatuna Village, QC (near UP Diliman). Don't worry, I'm not gonna clean out your wallet by ordering everything on the menu and bringing home food. I don't own the cafe, I just like to eat there. Prices are reasonable and food's good.

Please contact me through my mobile phone, 0917-608-9625. By appointment only! Give me at least 24 hours' notice, and I will only see one client at a time, per day (no couples or groups), for up to two hours maximum.

For those who cannot see me in QC, you may contact the following, just mention my name: Julius (also with the Cove before but I don't know his rates anymore), 09228581053, 09159387908. August's new cellphone number is 09152984951 (P600 an hour).

My website is at

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Recommended at Girltalk Forum

Re: Where can I find good psychics/fortunetellers/soulcardreaders? 
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Eto, two of my friends. they're very good.

1) Julius Leenon- He's very good. I know he has a project with Unilever.

2) Amano Rei King- magaling din to. ive known him since the late 90s. I have seen his inbox so many times and literally hundreds ang nagtetext sa kanya everyday and his phone just does not stop beeping. so it may take a while for him to respond.Our local FHM featured him in the early 2000's. He's also a one stop shop for anything you might need (crystals, feng sui items etc.)

Nagbibigay din sya ng workshops minsan. Either sya nagtuturo or mga close friends nya (depende sa specialization). at a very reasonable rate. Last i heard, since im out of the country, our common friend, who is a wonderful clairvoyant, conducted a workshop for only 500 bucks, if i remember correctly. at least 30 ang nag attend. there might be a third workshop. i just forgot anong topic.


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Thank you for akthung for the recommendations he made about me at the girltalk's forum. I have been receiving calls lately. I hope those who I have read their tarot will post their experience here. It will be greatly appreciated.

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