Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Directory for tarot and card reading services

I got an email invite to be part of a worldwide listing of Tarot readers so signed up. Below was their email invitation. Thanks for the invite.

Their main link is - http://www.xtarot.com/

Tarot - card reading
We would like to inform you about our Directory for tarot and card reading services. The listing is free and will not be charged in the future.
We have launched the Directory on our website xTarot.com. Our goal is to create an international Directory. Every card reading specialist can publish information such as facebook page, web page, photos, phone number etc. We provide also the unique opportunity to publish your events (lectures and workshops).
Tarot Directory
You are one from respectable readers we decided to address directly for the start-up.
Registration page »  xTarot.com
Best regards
Lukas Berta