Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 is the year of Fire Rooster and Predictions

Rooster (or Chicken) ranks the tenth among the Chinese zodiac animals. In Chinese culture, Rooster represents fidelity and punctuality, for it wakes people up on time. People born in the year of the Rooster are beautiful, kind-hearted, hard-working, courageous, independent, humorous and honest. They like to keep home neat and organized. On the other side, they might be arrogant, self-aggrandizing, persuasive to others and wild as well as admire things or persons blindly.

Basic Astrology Elements
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: You
The Five Elements: Metal (Jin)
Yin Yang: Yin ([Chinese philosophy] negative/passive/female principle in nature)
Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 8; Avoid: 1, 3, 9
Lucky Flowers: gladiola, impatiens, cockscomb
Lucky Colors: golden, brown, brownish yellow, yellow; Avoid white, green
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As Asian people see it, the year 2017 is a year dominated by the orientation towards progress, honor and maximum integrity, people learning to temper their ardor.

This year, the natives of the year of the Rat are going to enjoy many happy events, including financial success, and the natives of the year of the Ox will enjoy unexpected success and unforeseen events.
Those born in the year of the Tiger will not lack anything, enjoying a special astral protection and devoted friends that will come to their help in the last minute.
The year 2017 of the Fire Rooster will be full of positive events and very good news, career progress and profitable businesses for those born in the year of the Dragon. During this year, the Snake natives are going to stand out professionally and be promoted.
For the Horse natives, this is going to be a good year, with personal and financial achievements, but unbalances and career changes could come across. This is why they could get irritable and mischievous.

The year 2017 brings the Goat natives higher expense than they can save for, which will also lead to problems with the family and the loved ones, as they are going to try to temper down the Goat.

For the Monkey, the year is going to be really good, especially from a romantic point of view. The natives of the year of the Rooster will easily solve all the problems that are going to come up, as they will receive support from powerful and influential people.
It is going to be harder for the natives of the sign of the Cat (Rabbit), as the year 2017 will bring them many difficulties and tensions regarding material aspects.

For the Boar, the year of the Fire Rooster is going to be a busy and tense year. There are going to be financial or professional problems and they will require special patience and tenacity in order to be solved.
An average year for the Dog natives, as some unexpected problems on the health and romantic levels might show up.

Craig Hamilton-Parker thinks that 2017 has in store for the world. Hamilton-Parker has been glad to oblige, and some of his predictions are incredibly surprising. Over the next twelve months, Hamilton-Parker believes that there will be incredible changes in the global political landscape. He predicts that two more European countries – Denmark and Italy – will both begin their negotiations to leave the European Union which will precipitate a major crash for the Eurozone markets. He also predicted two disasters in Europe; one in the form of a toxic or biological attack on a school and the other in the form of a large fire in the House of Parliament caused by poor maintenance of the building. He also claimed that there would be an assassination attempt and an attempt at kidnapping made against the Pope while he was inside the Vatican, but that both of these attempts would be unsuccessful. In the United States, Hamilton-Parker claims that he has seen a major increase in gun crime and a growing political divide in the country between East and West. He also said that this would be the year that Hillary Clinton would formally leave politics behind following the release of formerly concealed documents. But while all of this might seem very grim, there were some optimistic predictions. Hamilton-Parker claimed that a never before see species of ancient animal would be discovered in the next year. He also claimed that Kim Jong-Un would be overthrown as Supreme Leader of North Korea and that the uprising against his Pyongyang elite would lead to a reunification of the country. Despite the fact that many of his predictions seem deeply troubling, Hamilton-Parker said that 2017 and 2018 were crucial years in the transformation of the planet Earth into a better place. He said; “I feel that 2017 and 2018 are the years when miraculous spiritual things will be revealed to the world as it finally breaks the yoke of the Age of Materialism.”


But again these are just predictions - let's see what will happen so we better be prepared spiritually for anything...

Let us make 2017 the best year for ourselves and everyone else!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Numerology Readings for 2017

So what will 2017 be like, since it’s a “1” year?

The Numerology of 2017 shows that the year 2017 will bring new beginnings and much activity. The pioneering spirit makes way for new inventions, new discoveries, or new creations. It’s energy will brring originality, new ideas. New leaders (committees, chairpersons, etc.), new ideas, or new additions to things done for the surrounding area. Its wide implications could include cities, towns, counties, etc.
Events and opportunities emphasise BEGINNINGS, CHANGE AND PROGRESS, such as:
  • Development of new ideas.
  • Expanding existing interests.
  • Increasing status and/or recognition.
  • Meeting new friends or business associates.
  • Turning avocation into vocation.
Sometimes, one strong change triggers a sequence of events which forces substantial alterations in almost every facet of the life. In brief, individuality, ambition, initiative, new directions, or adding something new to established enterprises.

 The numerology horoscope 2017 for number 1 shows that you will be driven to accomplish all incomplete projects in life on which you have been procrastinating so far. You will be provided with the force and inspiration to convert your dreams into actuality during 2017. You will be able to overcome all difficult situations in life with ease as you have plenty of power and enthusiasm.

A person with Life Path number 1 is hard working, a natural born leader, has a pioneering spirit that is full of energy, and a passion for art. They have a strong desire to be number one, which means a person with this number can manifest very easily. Due to their determination and self motivation, they won't let anything stand in their way of accomplishing a goal. Their drive allows them to overcome any obstacle or challenge they may encounter, and they have the desire to accomplish great things in their lifetime. Their only need is to focus on what they want in order to achieve it.
Because Ones are critical of themselves, they can also be very critical of others. The Ones will not tolerate laziness from the people they spend their time with.

The 1 does not hesitate when it senses a need for confrontation. It is jealous and extremely stubborn, but also courageous and willing to try anything new if it sees promise, even at great danger. It is, if you haven't guessed, the most masculine of all numbers. There is a certain quality, a sense of honor and responsibility that demands our respect, and it has a sense of justice that cannot be denied. The number 1 cannot witness injustice without jumping in and setting things straight.
Its purity of purpose is an admirable quality of the number 1. It sees things for what they are and hypocrisy doesn't stand a chance. Befriend a 1 and you have a friend for life. You can poke fun at a 1 and not have to worry about hurt feelings. A 1 has a great capacity for humor, including the self-deprecating kind. If, however, you try to cater to a 1 to win its love or friendship, you'll lose its respect instead. Stand up to a 1 and you may lose the fight, but you'll gain its admiration. If you are in trouble and need help, the number 1 is who you want on your side -- there is no more dedicated protector or braver partner. If you are in love, the number 1 is the most difficult of all lovers: demanding, jealous, confrontational and impatient. If you find yourself in the service of a 1, you will be pushed to the limit, abused at all hours, and incapable of living up to its expectations. But you will also, without a doubt, become the best you could ever be. If the 1 is your enemy, you will be crushed without mercy.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Raider-Waite from an article by Hunter Oatman-Stanford

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Below is an excerpt of a well-researched and written article about tarot cards. The author has the following to say about Raider-Waite:

Even if you aren’t familiar with tarot-card reading, you’ve likely seen one of the common decks, like the famous Rider-Waite, which has been continually printed since 1909. Named for publisher William Rider and popular mystic A.E. Waite, who commissioned Pamela Colman Smith to illustrate the deck, the Rider-Waite helped bring about the rise of 20th-century occult tarot used by mystical readers.
“The Rider-Waite deck was designed for divination and included a book written by Waite in which he explained much of the esoteric meaning behind the imagery,” says Wolf. “People say its revolutionary point of genius is that the pip cards are ‘illustrated,’ meaning that Colman Smith incorporated the number of suit signs into little scenes, and when taken together, they tell a story in pictures. This strong narrative element gives readers something to latch onto, in that it is relatively intuitive to look at a combination of cards and derive your own story from them.
“The deck really took off in popularity when Stuart Kaplan obtained the publishing rights and developed an audience for it in the early ’70s,” says Wolf. Kaplan helped renew interest in card reading with his 1977 book, Tarot Cards for Fun and Fortune Telling, and has since written several volumes on tarot.

Tarot Mythology: The Surprising Origins of the World's Most Misunderstood Cards
By Hunter Oatman-Stanford — June 18th, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

Runes and divination

There is some evidence that, in addition to being a writing systemruneshistorically served purposes of magic. This is the case from earliest epigraphic evidence of the Roman to Germanic Iron Age, with non-linguistic inscriptions and the alu word. An erilaz appears to have been a person versed in runes, including their magic applications.
In medieval sources, notably the Poetic Edda, the Sigrdrífumál mentions "victory runes" to be carved on a sword, "some on the grasp and some on the inlay, and name Tyr twice."
In early modern and modern times, related folklore and superstition is recorded in the form of the Icelandic magical staves. In the early 20th century, Germanic mysticism coins new forms of "runic magic", some of which were continued or developed further by contemporary adherents of Germanic Neopaganism. Modern systems of runic divination are based on Hermeticism, classicalOccultism, and the I Ching.

I am still feeling my way through the runes. Although I am quite familiar with I Ching the runes are another of those divination that is very interesting.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Leveling up to Oracle


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the classical medium. For the software company, see Oracle Corporation. For other uses, seeOracle (disambiguation).
Consulting the Oracle by John William Waterhouse, showing eight priestesses in a temple of prophecy
In Classical Antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to interface wise counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods. As such it is a form of divination.
The word oracle comes from the Latin verb ōrāre "to speak" and properly refers to the priest or priestess uttering the prediction. In extended use, oracle may also refer to the site of the oracle, and to the oracular utterances themselves, called khrēsmoi (χρησμοί) in Greek.
Oracles were thought to be portals through which the gods spoke directly to people. In this sense they were different from seers (manteis, μάντεις) who interpreted signs sent by the gods through bird signs, animal entrails, and other various methods.[1]
The most important oracles of Greek antiquity were Pythia, priestess to Apollo at Delphi, and the oracle of Dione and Zeusat Dodona in Epirus. Other temples of Apollo were located at Didyma on the coast of Asia Minor, at Corinth and Bassae in the Peloponnese, and at the islands of Delos and Aegina in the Aegean Sea. The Sibylline Oracles are a collection of oracular utterances written in Greek hexameters ascribed to the Sibyls, prophetesses who uttered divine revelations in a frenzied state.

Some of my collection of oracle - level up to oracle once you have mastered tarot reading. But it will be a totally new endeavor and lots of learning and psyching up! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Last of my Tarot Collections

Few more of my collections. I recently sold most of the tarot cards I posted on my blog to a lady who herself is a big collector. Aside from purchasing my collection, she is also wanting to avail of my services of tarot reading.

Finally after sometime in my safe keeping, I am able to let go and get new keepers of these tarot cards. I got also curious why the sudden interest of many people about tarot cards.  So when I asked some of the purchasers I learned that  they want to give tarot card as gift to their friends who are doing tarot reading and were able to read them satisfactorily.

The tarot card/deck is a way for them to say thank you.  Some have just awakened and realized a new found interest in learning the tarot card themselves. So in their course of finding what suits them best they are exploring different kinds of tarot cards and decks.

I am posting here a few more of my remaining tarot cards and I am proud to say that these cards were published in Europe/US. So the quality is good and they are brand new. Most of the cards that are coming out now are published in China. I observed the paper is not like its European counterpart, thicker and more clearer and nicer printing.

Why I advise for beginner and even non-beginner to purchase brand new tarot cards and deck? 

It is all about energy. It is good to make use of a card that you are unleashing its power and energy for the first time and not some second hand tarot cards that you do not know whose energy handled them first and who the kind of people it was used for. So I highly recommend to give as gift only brand new tarot card deck/book or even for the card or deck that your will use for yoour own.

Just experiment and try using a second hand and brand new and tell me also your experience.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rare and Limited Edition Tarot Cards - Part 2


Make use of this tarot if people comes to you for love and relationship advise. Equally entertaining to use especially for wedding showers, bride showers, girl's night out and Valentines day fun for singles and couples. But of course use it only with a trained tarot reader.