Sunday, February 27, 2011

Comparing Ang Kiukok two paintings

I have neglected this blog for almost a year. Too caught up with so many things. Now I hope with this new post I can do better blogging this year.

I was sorting through old books when I came across this art book by Manuel D. Duldulao entitled Contemporary Philippine Art published in 1972. Browsing through its pages I came across an art work of Ang Kiukok that closely resembles the painting he gave me and another painting made the following year. Below is the photo of the painting with the following descriptions:

Title - Geometric Landscape, 1969
Watercolor 7x10 (Solidaridad Galleries)

And compare it with the painting below that he gave me -  striking resemblance of the pattern and lines. Although I do not have a title for the art work he gave to me, but now I can consider that it is part of  his geometric oeuvre.

In the same book, Ang Kiukok was given the following biographical notes:

Born in the Philippines, 1931. Graduate of the University of Santo Thomas in 1954. First one-man show at the Contemporary Arts Gallery in 1954. and 8 others since. Group shows in the Philippines, Taipei, Australia and Saigon. Chosen Outstanding Oversead Chines in Art in 1961. Represented in the collections of the National Museum, Ateneo Art Gallery, Cultural Center of the Philippines, and other  public and private collections. At present devoting full time to painting.
The painting he gave me for a gift is for sale. For those interested please email -