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Yograj But! mixes astrology and psychology
He is an astrologer who falls in love with Sihi, an orphan who is trying to stand on her own feet. The two meet just before Sihi is scheduled to go abroad for an administrative training programme. Even as Yograj gets ready to propose to Sihi, ...
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What Makes Rupert Murdoch & Wendi Deng Click? An Astrological Perspective
Because inquiring minds want to speculate, I visited my old astrological friend for an insta-snap of their relationship. And, I confess, the results that their computers spit out make no sense at all! Because if you would believe them ...
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Stock market prediction for July 25-29 Satish Gupta
Hotel sector will be getting very strong astrological support. Buy Hotel Leela, Indian Hotels, Asian Hotel, Royal Orchid, Sterling Holidays, EIH, Sayaji Hotels & James Hotel on dips. Sugar sector too would be receiving strong astrological support. ...
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Street astrologers run out of fortune
Times of India
Now, however, the ash-smeared and bead-sporting faces are disappearing from street sides, perhaps, into television studios and state-of-the-art astrology parlours. Their parrots and 'shyama birds', too, are gradually taking flight; at least from the ...
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Free Will Astrology for the Week of July 20
Weekly Alibi
One way or another, the astrological omens say it's high time for you get the cake you want. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Fill in the blanks, Taurus. Don't let the blanks remain vacant and barren any longer. Don't allow them to keep screaming at you with ...
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Dogs' Lifted Legs, Astrological "Facts," Kiwi Fruit
San Diego Reader
Heymatt: Astrologers seem to think that their art is a science and that the position of the sun, moon, and planets actually influence our personalities and what's going to happen to us each day. Is there any science at all behind astrology, ...
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(Non-Planet) Pluto Has A New Moon? What The Hell Does This Mean For Astrology?
Houston Press (blog)
But it really bothers some of the most scientific people around -- astrologers. So the recent news that astronomers have discovered a new moon around Pluto has revived the debate over its planet-ness. Since this new moon is a vitally important subject, ...
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Berry festival, astrology readings, ending the summer in style: Northwest ...
Astrology readings at Umpqua Bank: If you're looking for answers to life's questions about when to make a change, start a new project, travel or get married, Kelly Davidson can help. And from 2:30 to 5 pm Tuesday she'll be at Umpqua Bank, ...
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Free Will Astrology | Free Will Astrology | Creative Loafing Atlanta
By Rob Brezsny
CANCER: An innovative job-seeker named Travis Broyles put an ad on Craigslist in Atlanta. Among the tasks he said he would perform for money were to draw your face on a balloon.
Creative Loafing Atlanta
Astrology for Cats: The Leo Cat | Care2 Healthy & Green Living
By Celeste Yarnall
When we think of Leo, we quite naturally think of ancient Egypt and its famous Lion, the Sphinx of Giza, which faces East. This kingly lion seems to be.
Care2 Healthy & Green Living
Market Astrology: The Financials
By Jeff Pierce
From my article dated July 15th The Debt/Tax/Default Crises I highlighted an upward move for the...
Business Insider
The astrology of Michele Bachmann, Part I - Astrological Musings
By Lynn Hayes
Michele Bachmann astrology Now that the news is out that Michele Bachmann, a Republican presidential contender for the 2012 election, suffers from migraines I am eager to profile her. I found this great article from Patrick Watson in ...
Astrological Musings
Astrology « ICM Blog
By Valerie
Astrology is a system of divination that has been used since ancient times. When talking about astrology, most people envision horoscopes and the twelve signs of the zodiac, the band of constellations that the sun, moon, ...
ICM Blog

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Free daily horoscopes for every zodiac sign at
We may be feeling a sense of urgency everywhere we look today. Emotion...
Each of us have our own astrological blueprint, almost like a genetic code we carry in our cells, a code that gives us an outline for how we thrive.

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Urban singer adds her own No. 9 dreams to John Lennon-influenced album
KJ Denhart is a fan of both numerology and the Beatles. A good example of that is the title of her current album: "Album No. 9." "Album No.9' is about freedom," she says. "My life path number is 9." The album was recorded beginning Sept. ...
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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Poster
I don't get the symbolism with the numerology, but there is a very covert feel to the poster due to the graininess of the quality of the image. Very cool. My 2nd most looked forward to film of the year besides Girl/Dragon Tatt. ...
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Your numerology cycles July 16-31 | The Vancouver Observer
By Cassandra MacLeane
Cassandra MacLeane "Do what we can, summer will have its flies." —Ralph Waldo Emerson To find out what the rest of July has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you ...
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Happy 2nd Birthday! |
Celebrate's 2nd birthday with a look at the site's own numbers and the important role YOU play.
Meaning Of Numerology
Take Control of Your Destiny With Numerology. Get A Free Reading Now and find out the Meaning Of Numerology.
Numerology and You
What is numerology? It is study of numbers and the relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. Today, numerology is often associated ...
In urdu numerology free books Download - In urdu numerology free ...
Free download in urdu numerology free books Files at Software Informer - This is the Soft-eReader Software from RabitSoft, it is the FULL Version and comes ...
Free Numerology Analysis websites
Welcome on, the online reference for numerology! To see your comprehensive and free numerology analysis, just enter your data in the form and ...