Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tarot cards for beginners and coaching on tarot reading

Below is my new ads posted at Sulit. I have been receiving several text messages, calls and emails with the ads. Indeed Sulit is such a great site to advertise! 

Tarot Cards
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With those calls, text messages and emails I would like to share some of those information and answers that I have given so that I can bring future query to this site.

Question: What is the best tarot card/deck for beginners?
I have biased towards The Original Rider-Waite,  it is a card/deck that resonates to me personally. It is the card/deck that I also suggests to those who are interested to read as a hobby or earn from reading. So for beginner I suggest the original Rider-Waite as a starter.

But for some of my friends some other cards/deck resonates to them better aside from the Original Rider-Waite that they used as a beginner (well some even used the regular playing cards/baraha to learn reading). Some cards resonates to the reader's personality, skills and spirituality. So it depends on their preference and skills at interpreting the message of the cards.

For some beginners they would discover their knack at reading cards as a natural skills, although others would learn or develop it through constant practice and reading cards ( and also literal reading of books about tarot cards as well).

Just post your comments here, text, email me for your questions. I will be posting these info in my blog also so others may be able to read it. 

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Coming up soon...

Question - on a full moon what do you usually do with your tarot cards?
(A question I posted but have not yet received any reply on this - I will be posting soon).