Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birth chart links for April

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One Direction Sets New Billboard Record; Madonna's New Album Drops
Voice of America
Mariah's 2010 holiday album, "Merry Christmas II You," debuted at Number One on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart. Only one other Christmas album has achieved that feat. Mariah married entertainer Nick Cannon in 2008. She gave birth to their twins, ...
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Happy Birthday, Mariah Carey, Chart Icon
Just 10 months after giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe, a soulful and slender Mariah Carey returned to the stage with a set at New York's Gotham Hall on Thursday night (Mar. 1). The hip-hop collective scored 8 million YouTube views of Hodgy ...
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AUTOPSY To Release 'Born Undead' DVD - Mar. 28, 2012
The "Born Undead" DVD charters AUTOPSY's birth, death and rebirth with an extensive documentary conducted with the bandmembers themselves, as they describe how the beast came to be, and the impact their music has had on the metal world over a span of ...
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Young runner hitting stride, lowering times
McMinnville News-Register
After earning a degree in economics from South Dakota State in 1988, spending seven years in Jacksonville, Fla., and working for Citibank and AT&T, he went back to school after the birth of his first child, Devon, to obtain another degree, this time in ...
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What does my birth chart say about me? - Yahoo! Answers
5 days ago ... Ok, hello:) my name is William and I know my zodiac for sure is a Gemini<3 and I found stuff about my chart on a web site and I was wondering of someone could ...
Birth Chart vs. Nirayana Bhava Chalit Chart in Horoscope (Vedic ...
how to read birth chart janum kundliby jalalpure7666 views · Saturn in The Living ...
Yahoo! Canada Answers - Read my birth chart. wat does it say about ...
Read my birth chart. wat does it say about my personality and appearence? sun sign : Aquarius rising sign :libra moon sign :Capricorn venus sign :Pisces ...
Astrologers can you intrepret my birth chart? - Yahoo!7 Answers
"Astrologers can you intrepret my birth chart?" - Find the answer to this question and millions more on Yahoo!7 Answers.
Birth chart | Mystic Journey Bookstore Blog
Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged Astrology, Birth chart, Birthday, Celebrity, Fabio, Fabio Lanzioni, Fairy, Fame, Famous, Leo, Pisces, Rigel, Solaris, Spotlight , ...

Monday, April 2, 2012


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Numerology: March 28, Wednesday
Daily Bhaskar
Number 1: Your parents' health will improve and you will feel happy. Meeting people will make you happy. Number 2: You will feel happy and you will get a marriage proposal. You will meet people at high ranks. Number 3: Your expenses may trouble you and ...
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Daily Bhaskar
The Falklands: 30 years on
The Guardian
There is no more irrational influence on human affairs than numerology. Why the mere passage of a certain number of years should prompt reflection, trigger memories, and even sometimes drive policy is ultimately rather mysterious.
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Material World: 'The Spirit Level' at Gladstone and Donald Moffett at Boesky
... circus colors and simulated horror; moving on through celestial allusions, sex magic, decorative symbols and heavy-handed numerology; and ending in a series of archetypal busts with their crown-chakras open and ready for divine wisdom to pour in.
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Numerology: Brady Lamb - Calgary Flames - News
4. Seasons played with Minnesota-Duluth. His lowest game total came in his freshman year when he suited for 21 contests.
Numerology Master Numbers
Of all the numbers read in numerology, master numbers are often the most mysterious and powerful. These special numbers only make an appearance when ...
Gillian ~ Numerology Fascinates Me | | Shift FrequencyShift Frequency
After studying numerology for more than 35 years I'm less sure now I "know" what it is than I was 20 years ago. The reason is simple. As understanding grew so ...
Similarities of Number 2 and Number 4 - Numerology Discussions
Both numbers display their significant characteristics yet it has been experienced at several occasions that number 2 and number 4 behave in a similar fashion.
soonerdog1476 - A BCZ site
Numerology considers that the various issues with Nature is explained with their mathematical values. Each number includes a particular nature and provides off ...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tarot card reading vs Hula

I made a comment on this topic at a forum - Re tarot reading and hula for a person starting to do tarot:

I totally agree to Andalusia's sharing (she made a reply to the person who posted a query), in particular tarot reading as a form of entertainment.

Although as a beginner or doing it as a sideline you really need to practice a lot and develop the skills. Otherwise you will lose your clients and will not return back to you if you do not read the cards carefully.

I have sustain myself through my followers and through words of mouth from my regular patrons. Since I do not have a place of my own, unlike before I used to read with other folks at Edsa Shangrila, I read clients at coffeeshops and restaurants, of course all these readings are through appointment. Some clients have came across me through fliers/posters at UP Shopping center, through my blog and others read testimonials about me at different forum.

As to pricing - I am at high-end, for beginner I believe the common rate would be 300-500 pesos a reading.

Also I like to dispel the notion that tarot readers are manghuhula. Reading tarot is not a form of hula, as a reader whatever cards you pick I interpret it for you. For that reason I charge higher because my reading is more wholistic - I do birth chart, palmistry, and if clients are not satisfied I can also give them I Ching reading.

So enjoy your journey through tarot card reading and please do not mistaken hula for tarot reading, unless otherwise you really do not fully grasp what tarot reading is, or for some they make hula in their interpretation of the tarot since they are not attuned with the real essence of tarot reading.

Below is my posting to a Sulit  forum inspired by the topic above:

I like to dispel the notion of tarot readers as manghuhula. 

As a tarot reader I do not make hula but intepret what the cards says once drawn by the client. For a good tarot card reader the card never tells a lie about the condition and situation of a person wanting to be read. Uarenskilled tarot reader I believe would make hula if they are not adept at interpreting the meaning of the card. And for those who are not sincere in reading the cards properly to the clients will never become a good one if they have not lose the confidence of the people they read. For those who make tsamba - well it won't be for long that their schemes will be found out.

There's energy and connection between the reader and the tarot he/she uses, so for some readers would prefer a particulat deck of cards. Also a sincere person who wants to be read will definitely find answers to his/her questions since it is the energy of the person that chooses and picks the card for interpreation. Also, as a practitioner who have gone through several years of experience, tarot card reading is far from hula since I also help the client validate and seek answers to his/her questions by using other means like the use of the I Ching.

Aside from that, skills for drawing up an accurate birth chart and abilities to read palm helps me confirm my reading with clients.

So I hope that those who are wanting to learn tarot reading should never compare themselves with a manghuhula and also those who are not so familiar with tarot reading should never consider us as manghuhula. Tarot readers are of a different breed. Some of us become one by instinct, inspiration or purely gifted with psychic abilities and the rest became one through their effort of learning the art and skills of tarot reading. 

Anyway it is up to the client to believe or not what the card tells, otherwise the reading could be considered as a meaningful entertainment.

Tarot Reading and I ching appeal to figuring out and finding answers to both personal concerns and issues. Some uses birth chart to determine luck, prosperity as well as compatibility with their fiance, friends or spouse.

I hope through this forum post readers are now cleared that tarot readers are unique individuals and they are not into the craft of manghuhula or doing the tricks of hula.