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How do you Handle that Annoying Coworker? Try a Fresh Take on Some ...
You might find a good answer in a fresh, radically Westernized interpretation of the ancient I Ching: Book of Changes, the 5000-year old text widely ...
Introducing the Mavericks: John Cage—Inventor ... of Genius
Carnegie Hall Blog
The Book of Changes or I Ching, an ancient text of Chinese divination, became a standard composition tool for the rest of his life.
Poetry To Ponder the Universe To: Nick Courtright to read from ...
Austin Chronicle
... the compact but ambitiously scoped Punchline touches on religion, cityscapes, the I Ching, absent others (departed or just not picking up the phone), ...
Cage complete sonatas, interludes to be performed at UB
The Daily News Online
Cage had a unique style of composition which included mathematical formulae, and in 1951 was introduced to a book called "I Ching," which he used to compose ...
Charles Atlas's Delirious Digital Projections Dazzle in Bushwick
Much like the principles of the I Ching, championed by Cage as a tool for creating, and used often by Cunningham in his choreography, Atlas's new exhibition ...
John Cage: American Mavericks at the Rose Museum at Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall Blog
His encounter with the Chinese I Ching, or Book of Chance, allowed him to invent another form of composition; not only did he experiment with eliminating ...

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I Ching Methods and Meaning « Jung and Dreams
He worked a lot with I Ching and even wrote an entire introduction to the English translation of the book. He met Richard Wilhelm – the German translator of the ...
Is using the I-CHING approved by theologians? - Yahoo! UK ...
"Is using the I-CHING approved by theologians?" - Find the answer to this question and millions more on Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers.
I Ching: The Book of Change
I Ching: The Book of Change By John Blofeld Publisher: Pein 1991 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 0140193359 | DJVU | 5 MB.
I Ching on numerology - I Ching Community
As I noticed I was getting more and more worried about what is to come, I asked the I Ching how should I take this woman's predictions and the answer was ...
I Ching Online • Index page
Important information about I Ching Online forums. Read for important announcements and recommendations for use. Post comments to the site administrator ...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Will a New Candidate Enter the GOP Race?
Huffington Post
Most pundits and pols say no, but the tarot cards say yes, a new candidate may transform the GOP race for president by entering late. I admit, it's hard to imagine who could enter a presidential race so late in the game. None of the usual suspects seem ...
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Treat yourself to an online tarot reading
Going through 121 Tarot Readings gives you the chance to enjoy a free tarot reading with a difference – all the advice you receive can be online! Going through 121 gives you the chance to enjoy a tarot reading with a difference – all the advice you ...
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Salisbury psychic uses ability to help clients
Delmarva Daily Times
Using energy she feels coming from the person or around him or her, or by reading Tarot cards or their palms, she sometimes surprises them by how much she discerns. Lighting candles for atmosphere, Nicholas, who uses the professional name Rose White, ...
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Why astrology is bigger than ever
Indian Express
Select was holding its first Astrology Fair with very interesting sounding stalls: Palmistry, numerology, Kundli making, Tarot card reading, Reiki and meditation and Vaastu Vigyan. Pandits in traditional clothing stood behind the stalls, ...
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Friends need help to launch a series of ghost walks
This Is Wiltshire
They also run tarot parties, where groups of people come together for speed tarot readings. Mrs Notman, of St Dunstan Close, said: "We both love Calne but we do get frustrated because the town gets a bad deal sometimes. "We wanted to arrange something ...
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MMORPG Lucent Heart's Stadia Expansion Launched
Accessible now to anyone with a beanfun! account, players can compete against their friends in exciting kart-style races, unlock Acadia's new race of Tarot Battle Pets, and journey to new zones with epic bosses. Mount Races: Gamania has added a ...
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PC market to rebound
IDC Asia-Pacific has been shuffling its tarot cards and has seen rebound of the PC market in the first quarter of 2012 as well as a tall dark stranger entering its life. Such predictions are optimistic as they follow a 33 percent decline in the fourth ...
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CHS Crow | Matthew, Raven & Don -- 'I do believe that we're 99% in charge of ...
CHS Capitol Hill Seattle
We hope you'll enjoy learning a little bit more about what makes the people -- this time: a student (who is also a fire-performance tool maker), a tarot card reader and a leather shop retailer -- around you tick. How long have you lived on Capitol Hill ...
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Free daily horoscopes for every zodiac sign at Beta is now open to everyone! ... Follow on Pinterest ... Get FREE readings and reports when you shop online for a wide variety ...
Lit Scene Tarot | HTMLGIANT
Lit Scene Tarot. The Hanged Man is suspended, upside-down, by his still- incomplete thesis. Given the calm expression on his face, it appears he hasn't been on ...
Under the Ancient Oaks: Learning Tarot
Denton CUUPS had our first Introduction to Tarot class last night. We have quite a few true beginners and this was the first time I've been in a Tarot class in five ...
Mr. La-luna's Tarot Blog: Tarot Saka
Tarot Saka. Indonesian decks are few in number and extremely hard to obtain outside Indonesia, so I was extremely lucky to obtain this one directly from the ...
Tarot Card Readings: Life, changes in my life, coming my way
changes in my life, coming my way, lucky person: Hello Denise, Thank you for your question. I am sorry things have been rough for you lately. I have drawn 3 ...

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Reading a Birth Chart - Western Zodiac

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Numerology News

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Numerology: March 20, Tuesday
Daily Bhaskar
Number 2: You may have an argument with your colleagues and you may have an argument with your life partner. Number 3: Your brothers will be supportive and luck will favour you. Number 4: You will spend quality time with your family members and ...
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Daily Bhaskar
Couples eye auspicious date for Caribbean weddings
Travel Weeekly
In numerology, 12 is considered the number of completeness as reflected in the 12 months of the year, 12 signs of the zodiac and 12 hours of the clock. Ellen Paderson, owner of Smiles and Miles Travel in Boston, said that "weddings dates get very ...
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Travel Weeekly
Touch was a formula mystery show for the Sudoku generation
TV review: Touch drew together apparently random events into a cohesive pattern that saves lives; a numerological comfort blanket that satisfies our need to try and make sense of everything. Kiefer Sutherland has called time on 24 but he's still ...
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Double Precautionary Principle Danger: A Robot Built With Nanotubes
Science 2.0
Though we have been momentarily sidetracked in recent years by the LHC Ragnarok Supermoons Biblical numerology dead Mayan astrologers fracking in science-media-hyped scare journalism (when they aren't helping us with new miracle vegetable claims) we ...
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Viral Pics Show Chinese 'Gangsta' Fondling Porsches, Puppies and Purse
ABC News (blog)
Numerology figures in very prominently in Chinese culture and 8, being a homonym for "good fortune" in most Chinese dialects, is an especially auspicious number. All 8 license plates are usually reserved for the especially privileged whether by power, ...
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ABC News (blog)
FIR filed against Hyderabad astrologer for insulting women
India Today
The allure of the future has spawned an entire industry - horoscope, palmistry, tarot card reading, numerology, the means to decode the future are varied. Adding to this pantheon now is a method to predict a girl's future by her first menstruation.
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India Today

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Numerology of the Day - The Cosmic Path
By Denise Byron
Numerology of the Day. by Denise Byron. 3-24-2012. Connecting with the number of Venus (24), brings us some sensual and powerful energy with which to play. Union with self and the awareness of how we walk in the world are supported ...
The Cosmic Path

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Numerology doesn't add up | An American Atheist
Many are unfamiliar with the term itself, and hopefully most of the people who are familiar with it dismiss the concept at a glance. Numerology is another.
Numerology: Clay Wilson - Calgary Flames - News
60. Games played for the Abbotsford Heat this season. It is his first year with the club. He signed with the club on July 2, 2011.
Psychic on Psychic: Forge a Path Using Numerology | California ...
Getting a numerology reading can help you forge paths ahead in confidence. Psychic Blythe shows how a yearly numerology reading can show you what lies ...
Numerology: March 20, Tuesday -
Numerology: March 20, Tuesday. Source: Jeevan Mantra Desk | Last Updated 15 :50(19/03/12). Number 1: A big deal will come your way and be careful while ...
RM49 for Intermediate Numerology Class - Numbers Dictate Your ...
Ever wondered what faith had in store for you? Never understand the sudden moments of bad ...

Friday, March 23, 2012

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The Theatrics of Announcements: re Announcement Osama Targeted Obama
The Moderate Voice
... Media, Politics, Society, War. if one were to read von Clausewitz, Lao Tzu, Machiavelli, or even the I Ching, the timing of announcements is high craft.
Chinese Sculptors' Exploration of Ancient Traditions Sparks ...
New York Times
Her goal is to create a space that is in perfect balance according to the 2500-year-old principles of the I Ching, or the Book of Changes, which provides ...
Top 3 Concerts: Sugarhill Gang
Allentown Morning Call
But in many ways, it's also the genre's I Ching: The first hip-hop song played on the radio, and generally regarded as the song that popularized rapping.
Medical Qi Gong and Emotions - Part II
Acupuncture Today
I Ching Acupuncture: The Balance Method, Clinical Applications of the Ba Gua and I Ching, Twicken, David, Jessica Kingsley Publication.
Big Brother & the Holding Company live CD review
San Francisco Chronicle
With the end of the Carousel enterprise at hand, Ken Kesey had been summoned and he threw the I Ching. "Everything changes," it said, "nothing lasts.
REST IN PEACE, DORY. - Mythical Kings and Iguanas (Dory Previn, 1971)
... never taught myself to give down down down where the iguanas live astral walks i try to take i sit and throw i ching aesthetic bards and tarot cards are ...
'Sendak in Spring' weekend a raucous time for kids of all ages
Cherry Hill Courier Post
Even in this hushed, climate-controlled space patrolled by docents and curators, home to incredibly rare books including a copy of the I Ching from about ...

Blogs1 new result for i-ching
2016 iching
2016 iching Community Portal for OpenSource Desktop, Artwork and Applications. Content

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I Ching Hexagram 7, Chinese Character Painting | I Ching Meditations
Painting inspired by the Chinese character for hexgrram 7.
I Ching to support Porcelain Raft in London - All Tomorrow's Parties
London based band I Ching have been added to the London show from Porcelain Raft that will take place at The Lexington later this month. Ticket info/ details ...
I Ching // It's Me | Not Many Experts
A couple of nights ago, I Ching had finished playing Best Fit Records launch party, and judging by the endless enthusiasm constantly replicating itself on my ...
Pocket I-Ching | Facebook
GetDeal wrote a note titled ✔✔✔ Pocket I-Ching. Read the full text here.
I Ching Astrology - Captain Cook 2012 - YouTube
Jon explores the ancient system of I Ching Astrology through the life of Captain James Cook.

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Julius Leenon
An ardent scholar of the I-Ching, the ancient Chinese Art of makes choices  more deeper and definitive. I-Ching is used as a guide in determining environmental energies that influences results in decision making. He looks into the messages of the tarot cards and does palmistry for business and other financial concerns. As a feng shui master, he arranges the elements of space to further bring in harmony and prosperity in one's abode.

Compatibility Test through your Birth Charts - PinoyExchange

(updated 24 March 2012)

So, what some authors are saying about  birth chart?

The birth chart will point at our strengths, our vulnerabilities, make us aware of how better to deal with testing situations in life or to maximise opportunities rather than feel a victim to situations and only respond to the demands of what life throws at us without any control over such expression.

Fate and destiny are both inevitable circumstances in which people rely most on birth charts. Both should be worked upon and should not be expected to happen without doing anything. They say fate is already written in our hands, and destiny will happen when the right time comes, yes true, but fate will never come if you haven't done anything good for your success, and destiny will never happen without having to work on something fruitful. This is quite a misconception with most people as they always seek to unreal facts and unproven opinions. Birth charts are merely an interpretation of your destiny, but not the exact happening.

Writer pinkytoky says:


The Bone Weight Astrology is invented by Yuan Tian Gang, a very famous astrologer of the Tang Dynasty.
It is one of the most simplified and popular Chinese astrology systems used to predict a person’s life fortune. This system can be found in the Chinese Almanac or Tong Sheng, under the “Weighing Bone Song”.

As the method is so easy to learn and does not require professional guidance, it is a “Do-It-Yourself Fortune-Telling”.

I would like readers to take some caution and not ignore the need for professional help with the interpretation, especially that the system uses Chinese language so there’s a need for an accurate interpretation or translation.

I have also seen some sites that provide calculation and formula for computing birth chart. But what is inaccurate in the computation is the direct use of birth date using the Gregorian calendar. Chinese calendar is based on lunar system and taking into consideration also the use of the 60-year, 12-zodiac signs  will be more accurate when doing a birth chart and that service I can provide to prospective clients.

Interested to learn about your compatibility with your future life long partner? 

One way to figure it out is through your birth charts.

Using the Chinese Theory of Weighing of the bone, you can at least learn some unique qualities of your self and your partner and make your relationship lasts.

If compatibility is not so auspicious then figure out ways on how to make it - 'till death do us part'!