Sunday, February 7, 2010

Unrecognized Artwork by ANG KIU KOK

This painting of the ANG KIU KOK was not acquired through a public bidding, neither from an auction house. It was a gift from the PAINTER HIMSELF, ANG KIU KOK! We were friends way back in the mid '60s. When I was studying and learning how to fly at the Far Eastern Aeronautic Technology Institute.

I befriended a classmate and his name was Amor Ong Nai-Bon, who was a colleaque/associate of Ang Kiu-Kok. They both taught at Chiang Kai-Shek High School. (nowChiang Kai-Shek College.)

During those days, whenever I had free time, I would always visit them at their school. Kiu-Kok taught arts that includes painting, and Amor taught math. My classmate, Amor is indeed a genius, he spoke and wrote in 7 to 8 languages that includes Chinese, Filipino, Spanish, German and Arabic. He was so fluent in French, he got 2-Diplomas from Alliance France in Paris, 1 for teaching in Vocational schools and 1 for teaching in the universities (even before he went to study in Paris, France, he used to work with the French Embassy in Manila.)

It seems, I am writing biographies of my 2 close departed friends! Both Kiu-Kok and Amor are gentlemen of a few words! I am the one who is very talkative! Anyway, aside from being men of few words and deep thinkers, their friendship grew and they were inseparable. They both admired each others' TALENTS!

My purpose of writing this piece is to make clear how this painting came to my possession! And at the same time, to take this opportunity to relate my association with Ang Kiu-Kok and my classmate Amor; how it came about and how it lasted all those years.

During the mid-'60s, Kiu-Kok was in his mid or late 20's and I was only a teenager of 16 or 17. He was a hard working youngman, painting is not yet his profession but it was his PASSION. This painting was a gift to me by the great ANG KIU KOK himself on a very important occasion, my birthday. The Painting's medium is mixture of water color and pastel, and it is one of his very first PAINTING IN CUBISM. It was through this painting that he started to develop his works on Cubism in Oil! His early works were mostly Pen and Ink. His sketches were made to teach his pupils in the school.

This painting was done in 1968 and does not appear in his published catalogue of works.

(This painting is for sale, those interested you can contact me).