Friday, November 21, 2008

Chuang Tzu - book full of great wisdom

Finally after a long time, I have something to post here in my blog. I have been busy with readings (thanks to those who are spreading my services by word of mouth and discovered me through forum and chat rooms), feng shui consultancy work and a small construction job that overwhelmed the owner for having cut the working days almost by half of the original work period.

So I had the time to put together this reflection of a most revered philosopher.

Chuang Tzu is a book full of great wisdom of the Universe (his nature trip in general)

I found the following 10-points can best describe the Philosophy of Chuang Tzu:

1) That man(human being) should have a realization of himself...
Why he exists? (or a Self-Realization of his own existence!)
2) That man possesses unlimited time and space will continue
to intertwine with one another on and on with nature.
3) That man must use nature to observe everything and anything
within his reach...
4) In other words man should not draw himself out of/from
another person. and
5) never through nature draw out mankind...
6) never through the unworthiness draw out the worthiness...
7) never through the past nor the future draw out the present...
8) never through death draw out life...
9) never through the unlimited universe draw out the limited universe...
10) Only when you realized and conquered your own bondage then you
can truly be free... (obtain true freedom of the self.)

A great naturist as he was, I would rather consider him as an environmentalist
in our modern time...

His followers used to compare him to Lao Tzu, as Paul to Jesus and
Plato to Socrates..

As a great lover of nature himself, he developed the doctrines of
Taoism with rigorous logic,as Gia-Fu Feng wrote about him...His fables and humor are imaginative and poetic, reflecting a brilliant and original mind. He advocated relativity with regard to all standards and values.

He is at once a mystic and a revolutionary.

The rhythm of life and its organic vision, an idea poetically implied by Lao Tzu, is brought to perfect expression in the writing of Chuang Tzu.

Chuang Tzu transcended the "Whang Cheng", the Illusory dust of the world--- thus anticipating ZEN Buddhism (I would call it Zen Nature) and therefore laying the metaphysical
foundation for a state of emptiness or ego transcendence. With imagery
and fantasy, he captures the depth of Chinese thinking....

Whereas Zen Buddhism became a school of thought contributed and benefited tremendously from Chuang Tzu deep observation of nature...

I am now integrating his profound ideology of nature with Zen nature, not Zen nature as a religion but Zen as a Science where you cultivate then suddenly you realize....

For the past several years, I have been integrating the co-relationships of my favorite 4-Fields
of study: The I-Ching, Tarot, Numerology and Astrology(Chinese and
western Zodiac)....

About Chuang Tzu:

He was a contemporary of Confucius (Kong Tzu) of the 4th and 5th
century B.C. during the Warring Period of Song Dynasty, he served as a
Lacquer Garden Official. (My belief that why he had a deep understanding of
plants in its relations to nature).

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