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Q&A - Series 1

Question and Answer - Series 1

Dear Readers I am starting a new Q&A Series here in my blog for the usual questions I am asked. These are questions I regularly encountered from clients and other seekers asking for my services. Some of these questions were also raised to me by journalist and other people interested in tarot card reading. So to start with is a question that was asked to me several years back that I would like to feature here.

Q: Is it true that women consult tarot card readers more often than men?

A: Most of my clients are 80% women. Some may consider it indecisiveness on the part of women to seek assistance from us tarot card readers but I consider it a kind of maturity. This makes women more intelligent decision maker and enlightened. After all we just read what is in their card and it is up to the seeker to follow or not what the card tells. I believe that an individual is the master of her own destiny even if the card tells something about her past, future and present.

But most often at the end of the reading my clients would thank me for the advice and the courage that I speak to them the truth, affirming the reliability of the reading and its applicability in their lives. So they make promise to deal with whatever adversity they will face and come along the way.

For my female clients, 90 % of them seek advice on love and relationship problems. About 60% are single who are in a relationship and the rest are married. Well, most of us when we are in love we tend to lose reason that we are become over powered by emotions thus we could not decide and think clearly so we need to be guided and enlightened, so that is where we tarot cards reader comes in to provide and interpret for seekers the direction shown in their cards.

My clients are equally happy with my unique and additional services that I provide them. I validate my tarot card reading with plotting their birth chart and reading their palm. So I provide them a more wholistic perspective and view of their lives.

When plotting the birth chart I take into account their birthday. But in accordance to Chinese horoscope of the four pillars which mean: year, month, day and time, the most important aspect is to know is the exact time of their birthday. Then a more accurate reading of an individual’s life could be taken into account. In a way it is like a prognosis of a person life whether she will become rich or poor, happy or unhappy.

Palm reading is another service that I provide to complement tarot reading. There are many aspect in a person’s life written on her palm such as her life span, the quality of her life (a good life or not) according to prosperity related to career, job, business, as well as relationship (how many, whether the person remains single or gets married) and even number of kids could be seen on the palm. One caution though, the lines on the palm changes over time but there are three basic lines called heaven (link with the emotional and relationship), earth (life span) and human being (career and prosperity) that are fixed. Both external and internal factors however may affect some changes in the heaven lines of the palm.

I have regular clients who come to me on a yearly basis. Although it is hard to track down the progress of my clients like any therapist you would rely allow for an individual to determine their needs for assistance in the first place they come to me on their own volition. So I give them the same freedom and does not impose on them to come back for a regular reading. It is up to them to determine when they stop or continue to come for a tarot card reading.

In my case at least 15 to 25 % come back for their yearly tarot card reading. Most tarot card readers would say a six-month period would take into effect and applicable for a reading. The months of November, December and Chinese New Year are the peak seasons when I get consulted the most.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chuang Tzu- A Book of Wisdom on Nature

What does it mean by Wisdom of Nature?

Here is a lovely story which may explain itself what Chuang Tzu
meant of Wisdom of Nature (or natural wisdom of the Great Universe)

Once upon a time a certain skilled carpenter, lets call him Master Shik, he is accompanying several of his disciples in visiting another state. On their journey they come across a very huge tree growing beside a local earth god temple, its tree trunk reaches almost half the mountain top, so high then its branches start spread out, it is ten times higher than the earth temple and its shape can accommodate thousands of cows or carabaos(water buffalo) to rest and or sleep underneath it.

Master Shik's disciples were all astounded by the strange giant tree. But Master Shik did not mind it at all not even bother to look at the tree, he just continue on with his journey without his disciples.

Not soon after his disciples catch-up on him and asked:
"Master since we were with you learning your crafts but we never have seen such a huge tree ever in our lives! Why did you not even pay a little attention to such a wonderful tree, its good quality trunk could be made into a wood craft?

The Master said: "Never mind, its just an ordinary tree-not a much useful tree for me, neither it is a quality tree as well so why waste your time looking at it?"

When evening came the master carpenter had a strange dream, he dreamt that the giant tree spoke to him saying: "During the day why were you talking a lot of nonsense to your disciples that I am a useless ordinary tree. I say you're the one who is useless and ordinary person; why don't you think carefully, if I am useful to you you would have chopped me down. How could I live up to this day and become a giant tree? If you think I am useless; I think otherwise, for me I am more useful than you." after hearing this the master carpenter was so pleased and ask for forgiveness from the tree : "I am very sorry, now I know you're a tree full of great wisdom."

Next morning Master Shik told his disciples about his dream last night. His disciples were very happy to hear it. But one of his disciples suddenly said: "Master, if the tree also considers itself useless why he had to grow along side with the temple and attract the attention of temple goers?"

The Master replied:"That is a good question, but lower your tone otherwise the tree might over hear us again... now let me tell you secretly... A useless tree should not grow anywhere at will, otherwise if he grows in the middle of a road, definitely it will be cut-down sooner or later. That's why it grows beside the temple ground. People will have a second thought, they will believe that the tree is for the temple gods to rest so nobody will dare cut it down!"

The realization is:

Useful or Useless is but a man's judgment, it is the Value of the Opposite/Contrast, in other words what is Useful to me might be Useless to you or others. Therefore the realization of wisdom should above board the Value! If the Purpose of man; if in his life time he is to chase after his ideals or values would be comparable to racing against his own shadow!
He will waste his entire energy for nothing!

Here is another Discourse of Chuang Tze and his good friend Wei Tzu about:

The Happiness of the Fishes in the Pond: "You're not fish how do you know if the fish is Happy?

One day Chuang Tzu and Wei Tzu are strolling on a bridge over a pond of fishes...

Chuang Tzu said: "Ah the little white fishes are so free...How happy are the fishes indeed!"

Wei Tzu said: "Well you're not a fish, how do you know that the fishes are happy?"

Chuang Tzu said; "You're not me how would you know that I do not know the fishes are happy or not?"

Wei Tzu said: "I am not you, definitely I do not know you! But you're not the fish, therefore you won't know either whether the fishes are happy or not?"

Chuang Tzu: " Its not that, let us go back to our original dialogue when you said: "How do you know that the fishes are happy? At that point, you already knew that I know the fishes are happy, therefore you asked me! now I can tell you How do I know why the fishes are happy? Its from the bridge that I realized it!"

The Realization is: be continued...

but try to figure it out if we got the same Realization on this....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Chuang Tzu - book full of great wisdom

Finally after a long time, I have something to post here in my blog. I have been busy with readings (thanks to those who are spreading my services by word of mouth and discovered me through forum and chat rooms), feng shui consultancy work and a small construction job that overwhelmed the owner for having cut the working days almost by half of the original work period.

So I had the time to put together this reflection of a most revered philosopher.

Chuang Tzu is a book full of great wisdom of the Universe (his nature trip in general)

I found the following 10-points can best describe the Philosophy of Chuang Tzu:

1) That man(human being) should have a realization of himself...
Why he exists? (or a Self-Realization of his own existence!)
2) That man possesses unlimited time and space will continue
to intertwine with one another on and on with nature.
3) That man must use nature to observe everything and anything
within his reach...
4) In other words man should not draw himself out of/from
another person. and
5) never through nature draw out mankind...
6) never through the unworthiness draw out the worthiness...
7) never through the past nor the future draw out the present...
8) never through death draw out life...
9) never through the unlimited universe draw out the limited universe...
10) Only when you realized and conquered your own bondage then you
can truly be free... (obtain true freedom of the self.)

A great naturist as he was, I would rather consider him as an environmentalist
in our modern time...

His followers used to compare him to Lao Tzu, as Paul to Jesus and
Plato to Socrates..

As a great lover of nature himself, he developed the doctrines of
Taoism with rigorous logic,as Gia-Fu Feng wrote about him...His fables and humor are imaginative and poetic, reflecting a brilliant and original mind. He advocated relativity with regard to all standards and values.

He is at once a mystic and a revolutionary.

The rhythm of life and its organic vision, an idea poetically implied by Lao Tzu, is brought to perfect expression in the writing of Chuang Tzu.

Chuang Tzu transcended the "Whang Cheng", the Illusory dust of the world--- thus anticipating ZEN Buddhism (I would call it Zen Nature) and therefore laying the metaphysical
foundation for a state of emptiness or ego transcendence. With imagery
and fantasy, he captures the depth of Chinese thinking....

Whereas Zen Buddhism became a school of thought contributed and benefited tremendously from Chuang Tzu deep observation of nature...

I am now integrating his profound ideology of nature with Zen nature, not Zen nature as a religion but Zen as a Science where you cultivate then suddenly you realize....

For the past several years, I have been integrating the co-relationships of my favorite 4-Fields
of study: The I-Ching, Tarot, Numerology and Astrology(Chinese and
western Zodiac)....

About Chuang Tzu:

He was a contemporary of Confucius (Kong Tzu) of the 4th and 5th
century B.C. during the Warring Period of Song Dynasty, he served as a
Lacquer Garden Official. (My belief that why he had a deep understanding of
plants in its relations to nature).

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Endorsement at PinoyExchange

Indeed "by word of mouth" is the best advertisement. Most of my clients come to me by referral. Satisfied they would tell me to their friends and circle of friends.

Thank you to Amelia for recommending me at PinoyExchange. I was told by a client that he saw my contact info through PinoyExchange. Looking through the thread I came across this:

PinoyExchange > Sports and Recreation > Hobbies and Recreation
Looking for an Authentic Fortune Teller

Oct 21, 2007, 05:54 PM #50

Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Galactic Center

The one at Robinsons Galleria is called "Da Seekers Cove" and I used to work there as one of their tarot readers, about two years ago. We do not call ourselves "fortune tellers" since we are not like the Quiapo manghuhulas. Our approach is using the cards as a form of counseling the client.

What I now offer, until Dec. 15 only: FREE intuitive consultation session with me, Amy Cavosora, may or may not involve tarot reading... could be Soul Cards instead... or whatever... maybe just color therapy? We could also just be talking away....

It's almost free because, instead of paying my usual Professional Fee, all you have to pay for is... the cost of a meal or snack, at Cafe Quezon in Sikatuna Village, QC (near UP Diliman). Don't worry, I'm not gonna clean out your wallet by ordering everything on the menu and bringing home food. I don't own the cafe, I just like to eat there. Prices are reasonable and food's good.

Please contact me through my mobile phone, 0917-608-9625. By appointment only! Give me at least 24 hours' notice, and I will only see one client at a time, per day (no couples or groups), for up to two hours maximum.

For those who cannot see me in QC, you may contact the following, just mention my name: Julius (also with the Cove before but I don't know his rates anymore), 09228581053, 09159387908. August's new cellphone number is 09152984951 (P600 an hour).

My website is at

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Recommended at Girltalk Forum

Re: Where can I find good psychics/fortunetellers/soulcardreaders? 
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Junior GIRLTalker

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Eto, two of my friends. they're very good.

1) Julius Leenon- He's very good. I know he has a project with Unilever.

2) Amano Rei King- magaling din to. ive known him since the late 90s. I have seen his inbox so many times and literally hundreds ang nagtetext sa kanya everyday and his phone just does not stop beeping. so it may take a while for him to respond.Our local FHM featured him in the early 2000's. He's also a one stop shop for anything you might need (crystals, feng sui items etc.)

Nagbibigay din sya ng workshops minsan. Either sya nagtuturo or mga close friends nya (depende sa specialization). at a very reasonable rate. Last i heard, since im out of the country, our common friend, who is a wonderful clairvoyant, conducted a workshop for only 500 bucks, if i remember correctly. at least 30 ang nag attend. there might be a third workshop. i just forgot anong topic.


« Last Edit: June 22, 2008, 10:18:52 AM by akthung »  

Thank you for akthung for the recommendations he made about me at the girltalk's forum. I have been receiving calls lately. I hope those who I have read their tarot will post their experience here. It will be greatly appreciated.

This is the direct link to the forum,180238.msg4069128.html#msg4069128

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Ang Kiukok painting - For Sale

Below is a painting of Ang Kiukok that I acquired in 1968. Ang Kiukok is one of the great Philippine National Artists for Visual Arts. Please check links and article below about Ang Kiukok.

For those who are interested to buy the art work please contact me.

Untitled, Abstract painting
(water color and pastel)
30 x 21 inches

National Artist Ang Kiukok, 74

The arts and culture community mourns the passing of acclaimed National Artist for Visual Arts Ang Kiukok, 74, who succumbed to a lingering illness Monday evening (May 9, 2005) at the St. Luke¹s Medical Center in Quezon City.

Born to immigrant Chinese parents Vicente Ang and Chin Lim, Kiukok was one of the most vital and dynamic figures who emerged during the 60s and continued to make an impact in the art scene until the time of his death.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) described Kiukok‹named national artist in 2001‹as one of those who came at the heels of the pioneering modernists during that decade, and blazed a formal and iconographic path of his own through expressionistic works of high visual impact and compelling meaning.

³In the 70s, he crystallized in vivid, cubistic figures the terror and angst of the times. Shaped in the furnace of the political turmoil of those times, Ang Kiukok pursued an expression imbued with nationalist fervor and sociological agenda, said NCCA Executive Director and PA on Culture Cecile Guidote Alvarez, who, together with husband former Senator Heherson T. Alvarez were politically-prosecuted and fought the dictatorship during Martial Law.

Some of Kiukok's works include: Geometric Landscape (1969); Pieta, which won for him the bronze medal in the 1st International Art Exhibition held in Saigon (1962); and the Seated Figure (1979), auctioned at Sotheby's in Singapore.

His works can be found in many major art collections, among them the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), National Historical Museum of Taipei, and the National Museum in Singapore.

He was regarded as a major force in the national arts scene and the pre-eminent cultural star of the country's community of Filipino-Chinese (Tsinoys). He also crossed national boundaries, representing the Philippines in many Asian international art exhibitions from Saigon to Tokyo to Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

According to the book Gawad Pambansang Alagad ng Sining 2001, since the 1990s, his work has become a regular feature in the auction houses of Sotheby's and Christie's International in Singapore, as much sought after as that of another Filipino at the auction block: Fernando C. Amorsolo.

He received the Outstanding Overseas Chinese Award in 1961 and the 1976 Araw ng Maynila Award. (source: May 11, 2005, NCCA Press Release)

Links to Ang Kiukok:

ANG KIUKOK: The Cynic, the Idealist (by Arlene Ang)

ANG KIUKOK at Wikipedia

One of his art works up for sale in Singapore

Two of his famous paintings on this site:

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Year of the Rat

The Lunar new Year is fast approaching and I'd like to share the following links about the Year of the Rat for your reading:

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Other interesting links:

An for those of you who are interested to know what is in store for you this year check this website for your horoscope: