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Friday, December 26, 2008

Q&A - Series 1

Question and Answer - Series 1

Dear Readers I am starting a new Q&A Series here in my blog for the usual questions I am asked. These are questions I regularly encountered from clients and other seekers asking for my services. Some of these questions were also raised to me by journalist and other people interested in tarot card reading. So to start with is a question that was asked to me several years back that I would like to feature here.

Q: Is it true that women consult tarot card readers more often than men?

A: Most of my clients are 80% women. Some may consider it indecisiveness on the part of women to seek assistance from us tarot card readers but I consider it a kind of maturity. This makes women more intelligent decision maker and enlightened. After all we just read what is in their card and it is up to the seeker to follow or not what the card tells. I believe that an individual is the master of her own destiny even if the card tells something about her past, future and present.

But most often at the end of the reading my clients would thank me for the advice and the courage that I speak to them the truth, affirming the reliability of the reading and its applicability in their lives. So they make promise to deal with whatever adversity they will face and come along the way.

For my female clients, 90 % of them seek advice on love and relationship problems. About 60% are single who are in a relationship and the rest are married. Well, most of us when we are in love we tend to lose reason that we are become over powered by emotions thus we could not decide and think clearly so we need to be guided and enlightened, so that is where we tarot cards reader comes in to provide and interpret for seekers the direction shown in their cards.

My clients are equally happy with my unique and additional services that I provide them. I validate my tarot card reading with plotting their birth chart and reading their palm. So I provide them a more wholistic perspective and view of their lives.

When plotting the birth chart I take into account their birthday. But in accordance to Chinese horoscope of the four pillars which mean: year, month, day and time, the most important aspect is to know is the exact time of their birthday. Then a more accurate reading of an individual’s life could be taken into account. In a way it is like a prognosis of a person life whether she will become rich or poor, happy or unhappy.

Palm reading is another service that I provide to complement tarot reading. There are many aspect in a person’s life written on her palm such as her life span, the quality of her life (a good life or not) according to prosperity related to career, job, business, as well as relationship (how many, whether the person remains single or gets married) and even number of kids could be seen on the palm. One caution though, the lines on the palm changes over time but there are three basic lines called heaven (link with the emotional and relationship), earth (life span) and human being (career and prosperity) that are fixed. Both external and internal factors however may affect some changes in the heaven lines of the palm.

I have regular clients who come to me on a yearly basis. Although it is hard to track down the progress of my clients like any therapist you would rely allow for an individual to determine their needs for assistance in the first place they come to me on their own volition. So I give them the same freedom and does not impose on them to come back for a regular reading. It is up to them to determine when they stop or continue to come for a tarot card reading.

In my case at least 15 to 25 % come back for their yearly tarot card reading. Most tarot card readers would say a six-month period would take into effect and applicable for a reading. The months of November, December and Chinese New Year are the peak seasons when I get consulted the most.

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