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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feng Shui your Room

Special Section of the Philippine Star
Over Coffee
March 11, 2005

Feng Shui your Room

Professional architect and Feng shui expert, Julius Leenon let us in on a 6,000 year-old secret to harnessing elements.

Beauty should be followed by form and form should be followed by function,” he says. At the core of this working mantra lies the profound truth that drives his creations – COMMON SENSE. Not as focused on aesthetics as he is on function, Julius Leenon marries architecture and Feng Shui effortlessly in believing that a thing makes most sense when it is with purpose. “ A home should suit the individual’s needs and preferences, otherwise it is not really a home. Feng Shui seeks the most harmonious way to live, and although it rides on some basic principles, how these are applied should adapt to the home owner’s personality and lifestyle. Its goal is to create balance and harmony by combining ancient Chinese wisdom with practical common sense.”

Julius Leenon believes that fate and destiny are two different things. We cannot change our fate we can change our destiny. How? By creating a balance in our homes, in the attitudes and habits that we practice, as well as in the objects inside our houses that represent them.

Bedroom – one third of your life is spent in the bedroom, making it a vital part of the house. According to Julius, northwest is a unlucky location for 2005, however this can easily be cured by hanging a wind chime in this particular corner to reduce negative energy.

Colors – do affect our mood. Feng Shui, Green represents life, growth, and vitality; Red induces excitement and warmth; Yellow and Brown arouse feelings of security and contentment. Blue and black (water) compliment green and brown (wood), because water produces wood. Red visibly clashes with blue, but they are also considered “incompatible” because blue (water) destroys red (fire).
Plants – can speed up and slow down energy. Use different shaped plants for different effects.

Furniture – inside the bedroom can help “enhance the good life,” such as a reclining chair, a comfortable two seat sofa, and a lush bed. Living well begets living well.

Eliminate noise – invasive music, clutter. Too harsh lights, even things that remind you of work – anything that could defeat the bedroom’s purpose, which is rest.

Chi – acts like the light. Use mirrors to regulate light, in turn regulating the flow of Chi throughout the room. Bright lights stimulate Chi throughout the room. Bright light stimulate Chi, dim lights slow it down. Upward-shining lights or any form of indirect lighting can instantly uplift a room’s atmosphere.

(Note: the article was published at Philippine Star in 2005)

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