Saturday, August 9, 2014

Last of my Tarot Collections

Few more of my collections. I recently sold most of the tarot cards I posted on my blog to a lady who herself is a big collector. Aside from purchasing my collection, she is also wanting to avail of my services of tarot reading.

Finally after sometime in my safe keeping, I am able to let go and get new keepers of these tarot cards. I got also curious why the sudden interest of many people about tarot cards.  So when I asked some of the purchasers I learned that  they want to give tarot card as gift to their friends who are doing tarot reading and were able to read them satisfactorily.

The tarot card/deck is a way for them to say thank you.  Some have just awakened and realized a new found interest in learning the tarot card themselves. So in their course of finding what suits them best they are exploring different kinds of tarot cards and decks.

I am posting here a few more of my remaining tarot cards and I am proud to say that these cards were published in Europe/US. So the quality is good and they are brand new. Most of the cards that are coming out now are published in China. I observed the paper is not like its European counterpart, thicker and more clearer and nicer printing.

Why I advise for beginner and even non-beginner to purchase brand new tarot cards and deck? 

It is all about energy. It is good to make use of a card that you are unleashing its power and energy for the first time and not some second hand tarot cards that you do not know whose energy handled them first and who the kind of people it was used for. So I highly recommend to give as gift only brand new tarot card deck/book or even for the card or deck that your will use for yoour own.

Just experiment and try using a second hand and brand new and tell me also your experience.

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