Friday, August 10, 2007

I Ching with Clarity

by Hilary

What can you achieve with the I Ching?

The I Ching has been helping people to success for the last 3,000 years. When you think of the countless generations who have benefited from this oracle, you can understand its swelling popularity world-wide. And thousands of diviners, from the ancient dynasties through to the 21st century, have enriched the tradition with their insights. The result - the I Ching is utterly reliable.

Transform your relationships

It's also bursting with sheer poetry that speaks to you directly and clearly. You can feel the truth through its imagery - understand the dynamics of your situation from the inside out. This is one reason why the I Ching can transform difficult relationships.

Another reason is the oracle's complete objectivity. At the heart of every descriptive I Ching reading is the interaction between your subjective hopes and fears, and more objective realities (or other people's realities...).

The reading isn't guaranteed to tell you what you hope to hear - but it will give you the insights you need.

(You can get your own I Ching reading here - either as a one-off reading, or as monthly I Ching mentoring.

Take decisions with confidence

I Ching divination lets you move and flow with the nature of the time, not struggling against the current.

There is a very simple, very ancient way of using it to add quiet confidence to your decision making: just ask

'What if I tried this?'
Before you take the leap of putting your ideas into practice, wouldn't you prefer to test out your different options? The I Ching will give you a picture of challenges, opportunities and the sheer atmosphere of each scenario.

Discover how to attain your goals

And its paintings are startlingly vivid - partly because of the imagery and change captured within a reading, partly because of the wealth of mythical and historical personalities it draws on as archetypal models.

In practice, this means outstandingly clear advice - light years beyond 'fortune telling'. As you might imagine, one of the most stimulating and constructive approaches is to ask the I Ching how to attain your goals.

I hope you'll try a personal I Ching reading. And if you'd like to become your own I Ching diviner, have a look at the I Ching Correspondence Course. I look forward to hearing from you!

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