Friday, September 28, 2007

Korea Chuseok Holiday 2007

I made a trip to Korea for the Chuseok Holiday. So from Incheon I proceeded to Gwangju then traveled to Busan and stayed at Gwangalli Beach. From Busan I went to Seoul via KTX and stayed at Anguk and visited Insadong and Itaewon.
eating my dessert at the Incheon International Airport...

from Anguk to Itaewon...

on the street of Itaewon

Chuseok dinner with Friends in Seoul (Fides)

at Insadong

Changbeok Palace

KTX Station Busan

at Seoul Station...

Gwangalli Beach, Busan


A CO Trainer’s Notebook said...

Hi Julius,

Great blog! It was nice to scroll down your blog entries and your photos. Nice photo with Fides! I remember my own trip to Korea last May.

Thanks for the seaweeds. As always, I love seaweeds and can finish a kilo of it, if given the chance hahaha!

Any friend of mine who wants to know something about Tarot and Feng Sui may visit your blog. I'm sure you will be writing a lot in your blog. Do you have other blogsites? In Flicker? Friendster?

I never forget our plan to fix a monthly get together, after work. In our case, after work is very relative. It can be 8:00 pm or 4:00 am. So, I think, Beth, Luz and me should fix one soon before October ends or we will never be able to fix a common schedule. Luz will be in Davao again soon. I will ask her
to block off a schedule when she returns.

For now, thanks for texting to me your blogsite. Surely, this will be a good place to be, to learn new things as I am sure you'll be writing a lot here.


Anonymous said...

nice photographs

Charles Hamel said...

Nice pictures Julius

I bet you had a great time!